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Old Bazaar General Trading LLC is based in Dubai and specialises in importing the very best traditionally manufactured, high quality Turkish products including: Turkish delicatessen products (diary and cold cuts), Turkish sweets (baklava, Turkish delight, chestnut, etc.), Turkish pulses, Turkish nuts and Turkish coffee.
Old Bazaar Company owns the distribution rights for the best quality products from Turkey, including: Haci Bekir Turkish delights, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi for Turkish coffee, Caykur Turkish tea, Namet cold cut products (pastrami, soujouk, smoked beef ), Yorsan and Sutas dairy products (cheese, butter, yoghurt etc),  Koska Turkish halva, Reis Turkish pulses, Fanus Turkish honey, Ipek for candy floss, Kafkas for chestnut, Hatay Birlik for kunafa, Karakoy Gulluoglu for baklava, Lalin for preserve etc.

Old Bazaar Company prides itself on being able to introduce the Turkish-Ottoman culture to the Middle East by bringing the unique tastes and special gifts that express the culture and heritage that Turkey has been proud of for many centuries.

Old Bazaar Company brings to the people of Dubai an insight into the quality of life style experienced by the sultans of the region during the Ottoman Empire and in doing so making luxury items and food products available to modern society.

Old Bazaar is the distributer for the 14 most popular and well known Turkish brands in the UAE and since 2010 has been distributing the best Turkish products. The product lines introduced to the UAE have grown every year since 2010, to the point where Old Bazaar Company is now able to offer the extremely wide and diverse range of products which are currently available.

The knowledge and experience Old Bazaar Company has gained since its founding in 2010 has led to the Managing Principles of the company to become thoroughly familiar with the local culture and the customs of the UAE and over this period an understanding of the Rules, Regulations and Codes of Conduct required to carry out business here in the UAE has been gained.

Old Bazaar Company has a warehouse facility located in Dubai, which is arranged in four separate areas, each area storing a different product types.
Old Bazaar Company has established a very diverse client base which includes: Hotels, Restaurants, and Hypermarket chains, with established good relationships with the followings key clients from these sectors:
In addition to supplying products to the above mentioned clients, Old Bazaar Company also owns a number of retail outlets, where products are sold directly to the public.

As a result of the diverse and authentic nature of the products Old Bazaar Company is able to offer, the company regularly participates in both Trade and General Public exhibitions within the region. These exhibitions provide the opportunity to introduce and sell our products to a wider consumer audience. 

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